Are you afraid of signing into your e-mail because your inbox has hundreds upon hundreds of unopened emails from friends, family members, co-workers and strangers? You know what the crazy thing about that is? It's that you're not alone. There are a ton of other web users who find themselves in the same predicament as you and they would rather watch a documentary on insects rather than clean up their e-mail inbox.

Some web users have several e-mail accounts that are used for different reasons. One might be strictly for school stuff, the other might be for work and another one might be their personal and most-used e-mail address. We think that owning a few e-mail addresses is a lot more work than cleaning up your inbox and all you really need is a good spam filter, as you'll come to find that many of the messages in your inbox are just spam or junk e-mails.

If you don't believe us then go and sign into your e-mail account right now. Once you're signed in scroll down and count how many messages are spam or junk. There's a lot, right? We thought so! Unless those e-mails about donating to a Nigerian millionaire needing help with their frozen bank account or how to get a contract for medical devices are legitimate, that is.

It doesn't take that much to rid your e-mail inbox of those spam and junk e-mails, as long as you know how to work the settings of your e-mail account. Each e-mail client has a junk or spam alert filter setting that will stop any e-mail that doesn't look safe or real from making its way to your inbox. It's a genius and time saving feature and one that you should turn on if you don't want your inbox to be littered with junk or spam mail on unwanted products or fake sweepstakes you've been lucky enough to "win."

Once your e-mail account has been secured with the spam or junk mail alert filter setting getting rid of junk or spam e-mail is a cinch. All you have to do is log into your e-mail, go to the spam folder and click on the button that deletes all spam or junk mail at once. It really is as simple as that and not only will you not have to deal with spam or junk mail, but your inbox will no longer look so daunting!

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