If you don't enjoy vacuuming those hard to reach crumbs underneath the couch in your home on a regular basis then you probably wouldn't do so well working with hydro excavation trucks, as that would involve a lot more work and sucking that you're probably used to.

Hydro excavation trucks are also routinely referred to as vacuum excavators or suction excavators. Whatever name you use to describe them they are a type of construction vehicle that uses their power to remove earth either from land or a hole. One other common use of excavation trucks includes removing debris from land or other location. If you aren't quite sure what an excavation truck looks like that's not all that uncommon, as most people who don't work with excavation trucks wouldn't really have much of a need to know what an excavation truck is, what it does or what it looks like.

However, you've probably seen an excavation truck in your life time and if we were to point one out to you you'd more than likely have no trouble realizing what an excavation truck looks like, as they are those really large vehicles that have that look kind of reminiscent of transport trucks but they have one defining characteristic that makes them stand out, which is the large suction pipe attached to them.

That pipe is the excavation pipe used to suck out whatever needs to be sucked out from land or holes, like sewer holes or wells. Suction excavation pipes are fairly imposing looking pipes, as they tend to usually be about one foot wide in diameter. Every type of suction, vacuum or hydro excavation truck is unique in the way they are built but some of the more common features you'll find on any type of excavation truck includes steel debris tanks, vacuum breaker shut down systems, hydraulic door locks, power compressors that make underwater vacuuming a whole lot easier, water tanks, and pressure hand wands.

No matter the excavation job in question that requires an excavation truck there is no job too big that an excavation truck can't handle. There are number of high-powered excavation trucks built, each one specifically designed to handle the toughest excavation jobs possible. Just don't go overboard and rent out an excavation truck to suck out the debris in your house thinking it's a vacuum cleaner replacement. That wouldn't end too well. If you have questions regarding this specific type of equipment, the good people at Transway Systems Inc. will have all the answers. They specialize in hydro excavation trucks and can be contacted by visiting their website.

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