There are so many condos on the market in larger cities today that there are real estate agents who choose to specialize in this form of housing. The idea behind a condo is a home where you own the unit itself but all of the space outside of your unit is communally owned between all of the people within that development. When many people think of condos, the first thing that comes to mind is usually the high-rise in some downtown location. But, there are so many different choices for people that are interested in this type of urban real estate.

When you're looking at new construction and the condos that are available on the market, you will likely notice that there are more in the high-rise sort of apartment style rather than anything else. This is because if you're interested in buying somewhere like downtown condominiums in this style are going to make the most of a limited amount of real estate. With these condos, you can get great views and excellent amenities in a prime location. But, you won't get the privacy or the space that you would with other condo choices.

If you're a first-time buyer then one of the ways that you can save money is by looking at older model condos and those that are in low-rise buildings. There are even some loft markets and other large cities have to offer that include some condo amenities. With less units in the building, you will usually find that the list of amenities is not as high as in a similar high-rise building. But, you might get a bit more of that intimate community feeling when you're only sharing spaces with twenty or thirty other owners.

Condos townhouses are becoming more popular, as they allow people a bit more space and privacy then you can get when you're home is in a larger building. You might find some condos in the townhouse style that are attached to a larger complex and some that are in a little community of their own. If you want to go one step further towards a more normal style of home, there are some places where you will find single-family homes in a gated or private community. These might have a sort of community centre with amenities and standards for things like how your lawn is kept. Just keep in mind the the larger the plot of land, the more you will be paying towards some maintenance fees. And these communities are generally found a little bit off of the beaten path when compared to their downtown counterparts.

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