Importance of Passwords

Everybody likes to think it would never happen to them, but it certainly does.  Passwords are stolen, credit card numbers become public knowledge, identities are taken over and more.  It seems at least once a month or so we hear about a major company having their website or database hacked and precious personal information is leaked.  Does this mean some crook will take your credit card details and go on a buying spree? Not necessarily, but it could.  What can you do to prevent this from happening? One way is passwords.  Not passwords consisting of your birthday, name of your kids or some other popular choice.

We are talking about passwords consisting of upper and lowercase letters, combined with numbers and even a special character or two.  Those little meters that tell you the strength or weakness of your password choice are there for a reason.  Be sure not to give your password out, to anyone.  If you have to tell your family members, make sure they understand the importance of keeping it to themselves.  It is also a very good idea to not have the same password for all the different sites you use.  Try to change it up whenever possible.

What else can you do to protect your personal information? Don’t go purchasing items on websites that are not encrypted. Be sure to read over the website and look for the security details measures they have taken to ensure your identity protection.  What are the signs that show if a website is safe or not? Look for the lock icon or a padlock symbol in the window of the browser or check if the URL contains an “S” so you would see https:// instead of the usual http://.

Have you ever tried logging on to the Wi-Fi at a café or at a friend’s house and found you were unable to access it without the passcode?  Those are set up to protect the wireless network.  To find out how to put a password on your own, try to a simple search for “how to put a password on Wi-Fi modem”. By taking extra precautions and adding security where you can it still may not guarantee protection from the ‘bad-guy,’ but it will make it much more difficult for him or her.